Invent the Future of Financial Services

We partner with financial institutions, telcos, mobile money operators, FinTechs and other stakeholders
to rethink and drive the adoption of digital financial services in Africa.

In an increasingly digital world, more than 90% of financial transactions in Africa are still cash-based and just about 38% of the adult population has access to basic financial services.

This is not sustainable.

At Amplify, we are building a pan African ecosystem of tools, platforms and networks to connects banks, telcos and businesses to their customers and drive the adoption of digital financial services. Amplified Payment System Ltd was setup in 2016 by two young entrepreneurs with the vision of becoming the primary technology enabler for digital financial services across Africa

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We are on a mission to increase financial inclusion by facilitating (directly or indirectly) one in every four (25%) electronic transaction that happens in the continent by 2023.


AmplifyPay is the smartest way
to accept and manage recurring
payments in Nigeria.

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